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Tea Party double-talk

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Our resident socialist calls the Tea Party out and reminds them governing is hard

By Rod Brooker

Tea Party people:  I get it.  I get you.  Tell me if I’m wrong.

You wish things were simpler.  You want things that work with much less government.  You don’t want to give your hard-earned money to a wasteful government.  You want a job for everyone who wants one, and you want everyone to want one.  You want to buy and sell American.  You want parents to parent, and teachers to teach.  You want society to have a moral basis.  (more…)

A new Rashid ally: a socialist who doesn’t like trains

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Karl Marx liked trains. Rod Brooker does not.

By Rod Brooker

So I’m reading Mr. Ingram’s most recent one-act play about what’s-his-name and Mark Sharpe, and Sam The Anti-Pope, and I’m thinking it’s a pretty good piece of writing for a Celt, and then I’m reading the comments of you gentle readers, and lightning strikes me.

This whole complex issue of the train tax, the Arkansas house, the County Fathers, and home schooling was all moshed together in my mind, and, in an instant, enlightenment!  (more…)

The mess that is public education

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Education Just needs a good dose of Teacher Accountability. Right?

By Debra Cole

There’s a lot of talk these days about education reform. People want to blame the unions. Schools blame the parents.  The lack of morals and the need to “restore” us back to the “good ole days,” is a common theme. Others think we just need to throw more money at the problem. And then there’s the most common one, “We need teacher accountability.” (more…)

A liberal’s rant

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

(and he’s a trial lawyer…)

By Rod Brooker

The simultaneous earthquake and hurricane in East Hillsborough County was in fact the sound of 50,000 jaws dropping, followed by howls of fury that a homosexual judge, seated in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, had knocked down a California measure that forbade homosexuals to marry.  We’re not talking about this civil union crap.  We’re talking the Real Thing here.  (more…)

A view from the Left

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I.V.’s resident comedian takes a look at all things Obama from a lefty comedian’s standpoint

By Debra M. Cole

I’ve heard a lot of complaints from my gay and lesbian friends in conversations and on the web about the Obama administration being slow to act on LGBT issues. The emotions range from mild disappointment to outrage.  They’re upset that he hasn’t repealed the “don’t ask don’t tell policy of our military.” They were angry that he kept quiet when California voted on Prop 8 and when Maine rejected gay marriage at the ballot box. And even though he extended health benefits for same sex couples who are federal employees. That was considered a small step and perhaps just a gesture.

I’m quite open about my support of gay marriage. I sincerely believe all Americans should have the right to humiliate themselves on the Divorce Court Show. Everyone in this great country should have equal opportunity to appear on daytime trash TV. However, when I was asked on Facebook to sign a petition protesting Obama’s decision to have Rick Warren do the invocation at the inauguration, I wasn’t into it. (more…)

How Obama can fix Public Education

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

President-Elect Obama, you want to improve the schools? Start with encouraging states to slash the technology budget.

By Debra Cole

I know what you’re thinking by the sub-title. Apparently this writer is in a nursing home, gumming applesauce while surfing between the DNA results of “Who my baby Daddy” on Maury Povich, and reruns of the Golden Girls. Or, the writer has pledged allegiance to a paranoid anti-computer commune in Idaho that has a 15:1 semi-automatic weapon ratio. (more…)

Challenging GOP orthodoxy

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

What’s wrong with paying more in taxes?

By Colin Brennan

I see this again and again and again, to the point that I’m exhausted with it. Every single Republican I know or read from is riding this one, consistent fear. They are terrified of losing their well earned cash, and the word behind it all is always the same: communism. (more…)

Palin and Powell

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Resurrecting their reputations

By Elan Barnehama
In an odd way Sarah Palin’s performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama on Meet the Press served similar purposes for each public figure. While both events accomplished their immediate election related goals, each appearance seemed to support a personal agenda to regain and rebuild personal reputations.

Sarah Palin has become more and more irritated withher handlers and the top brass of the McCain campaign who have mishandled and muted, if not censored, her. (more…)

Will the South Rise Again — for Obama?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

This professional comedian and educator thinks so.

By Debra M. Cole

I’m a Native Georgian, raised in Waycross and reside in Atlanta.

My southern twang is unapologetically thick as molasses. I direct a church choir. I love barbeque, beer, boiled peanuts and country music. And although I can’t stand NASCAR, a man who does is not automatically discounted in my pursuit of happiness. I’m also a proud smart-ass Democrat. This “condition” as many South Georgians would call it, emerged as my political persuasion in high school, only to grow stronger through college, graduate school, school of hard knocks, and my time served in our country’s largest archaic and anti-intellectual hellhole, otherwise known as public education. (more…)

Waiting for the real Sarah Palin

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Democrat’s view: Nothing Delivered

By Elan Barnehama

I was really looking forward to Sarah Palin’s speech—and while I could barely make it through Mayor Guilliani’s sophomoric diatribe aimed at getting his campaign debt paid off by the Republican party, I waited it out.

When I first learned that Senator McCain chose Governor Palin as his running mate, I didn’t have a problem with her limited experience. I’ve always liked McCain and was eager to learn more about his pick. (more…)

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