Bitner for RPOF Chairman

Irreverent View Endorses Dave Bitner for Chairman

In the hotly contested race for chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, Irreverent View endorses Dave Bitner. In a field of Junior-Varsity players, Bitner stands out as the lone star who should be on the Varsity team. He has the business background, legislative experience, grassroots respect, and sincere demeanor which will allow him to get things done.

The Republican Party of Florida still has lots of internal work to be done. Reforms promised by Chairman Thrasher have yet to be made, and the party simply lacks the checks and balances or necessary transparency to give it the credibility it so desperately needs.

The other remaining candidates all have serious flaws that would prevent them from earning the trust of the grassroots, donor community, and media (which will be paying a lot of attention to the RPOF leading up to the 2012 convention in Tampa).

Republicans can’t afford to experiment with another relative unknown with a checkered past or persons better-suited to behind-the-scenes party building. The party needs the face of someone who can hit the ground running on day one and put the Republican Party of Florida back on a path of honesty, integrity and transparency. The only person in this race who can do that is Dave Bitner.

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