Jonny Torres’ real record and his pal John Morgan

By Chris Ingram

Florida Young Republicans can do better than this political wanna-be

Just when you thought it was safe to call yourself a Republican again, little Jonny Torres enters the room to remind you of the slime of the Jim Greer days.

Granted, Jonny Torres is by no means a household name and you probably wouldn’t recognize him in a one-man lineup, but he’s got some greasy Greer qualities nonetheless. Torres is actually nothing more than an unknown wannabe and poser in Florida political circles — those “circles” being limited to the Tampa Bay Young Republicans organization where he serves as the club’s chairman. In an attempt to make a name for himself, Torres is challenging Peret Pass for chair of the parent group of the TBYRs, the Florida Federation of Young Republicans at the organization’s annual meeting in Orlando this weekend.

Jonny Torres and friends. Photo courtesy Jonny Torres

Jonny Torres and friends. Photo courtesy Jonny Torres

Torres’ campaign platform centers around his concern with what he believes is over-representation of northeast Florida by the executive board members of the YRs. “With Florida being one of the largest states in the continental U.S., it’s unfortunate that half of the board members are from the northeastern region of the state,” Torres stated in a press release  announcing his candidacy posted on the TBYR website. This is apparently the big ill of the GOPs ways that causes it to lose elections; having someone from Tampa as FFYR chair is apparently going to fix the GOP’s election woes   – whatever you say Jonny!

In his campaign materials attacking his opponents for where they hail from, Jon-boy fails to acknowledge what should be bigger concerns to the voting members of the Florida Young Republicans organization. Namely, Torres’ arrest record for theft/larceny in Miami (Miami-Dade court case # M-99-062740), and the fact that he was not registered as a Republican until 2010.

As for the latter, although he claims to have been an “active” member of the Tampa Bay YRs since 2008, he wasn’t even a registered Republican until 2010, and therefore his membership in the TBYRs was illegitimate and a violation of YR rules which require members of the Young Republicans to actually be Republicans. Duh!

While overlooking his own checkered past, curious voter registration and YR rule violations, his campaign platform calls for “transparency” within the FFYR organization. According to Torres, greater transparency would include:  

    • FFYR’s Constitution, Bylaws, and Platform will be posted on the official website
    • FFYR Committees and their respective Chairperson will be listed on the official website

Despite his unfair characterization that the incumbent chairman is less than transparent, nowhere on the TBYRs website (the club Torres is chairman of) are any of his own club’s aforementioned materials posted. No Constitution. No Bylaws. No committees and their respective chairs. Nothing.

It seems little Jonny doesn’t subscribe to the old adage “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

If all that weren’t reason enough, take this to the bank for a single good reason to reject Jonny Torres. His club’s website proudly boasts of its appreciation of support from liberal Democrat, pro-Obama, ambulance-chasing trial lawyer and chief cheerleader of Charlie “Chuckles” Crist, John “for the people” Morgan – who also incidentally advocates the legalization of so-called “medical” marijuana and supports various other liberal causes. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Little Jonny gives a shout-out to Big Jonnny.

Little Jonny gives a shout-out to big Jonny. (click to enlarge)

FFYRs should take a hard look at Jonny Torres and recognize him for what he is: a  poser with a curious past, and a political opportunist who wants to grow up to be a typical career politician.

Don’t give him the chance YRs. You can do better. 

Jonny Torres with his friend Buzz Light Year. Photo courtesy Jonny Torres

Jonny Torres with his friend Buzz Light Year. Photo courtesy Jonny Torres


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12 Responses to “Jonny Torres’ real record and his pal John Morgan”

  1. RJ Says:

    He is a clown!

  2. CSKapper Says:

    Nice propaganda piece there. I’m somewhat neutral on this race but I can’t believe you’d actually write this. I remember when you used to write somewhat inciteful pieces. Then you started on the ad hominem attacks – calling people “squirrel poop” and in this case associating a person with somebody they’re actively against (Jim Greer, et al) for nothing more than a what is evidently a personal vendetta or a paid political hit piece from Peret Pass & her campaign. If it’s the latter – which it appears to be – please correct your article to include the required language, Paid for by political candidate….blah…blah…blah…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Keep up the good work Chris. Obviously these people who think Johnny is worthy of the chairmanship have a difficult time understanding the facts! I can’t believe you didn’t point out his very close association with Peter Schorsch! Maybe they know each other from being in the judicial system together.

  4. Jason Says:


    I really hope this email finds you and your wife/kids doing well. I read your article on Torres and I want to thank you for the “just the facts” approach. I like Torres as a person and he is a genuinely “nice guy”. I was quite surprised to learn his criminal background and liberal associations. There were even recently allegations among the TBYRs that he failed to adequately penalize a few of the TBYRs who went to a Gay Pride Rally in St. Pete while holding up signs claiming that the TBYRs as a whole supported gay rights. Quite honestly, prior to your article I had agreed (at least in theory) to contribute to his run for FFYR’s Chairmanship. Now that I know he is endorsed/supported by John Morgan, I am rethinking my pledge. If I wanted the GOP to become more like the Democrats, I’d vote Democrat. No need to become a political party that is like the Dems particularly when they do a much better job at it than us.



  5. Tom Gaitens Says:

    I also like Johnny personally, he seems like a good guy. However, as a past President of the TBYR, so many years ago, I care not mention, i am very concerned about the direction of the Club and, if elected, the FFYR’s.
    The TYBR’s have displayed some rather less than conservative stances, including support for light rail, not to mention the association with Morgan and Morgan.
    Certainly, not all issues are cut and dry for republicans, but Lite Rail should be a clear position for a GOP group. First, the initial costs, taxes do not match the claimed gains for our community. Second, the Crony Capitalism of LR smacks of everything that is wrong with government, the picking of winners and losers. The winners being downtown special interests, the losers County taxpayers. Third, the LR forces have demonstrated the ugliest of astro-turf recruiting, paying persons to show up, and to endorse the idea. This despite a public poll, often called an election, that showed only two years ago our residents rejected this idea by a 60+% majority. Finally, the ambulance chasing lawyer class is not friends of lower taxes, less government and more freedom. They stood with the (Un)Affordable Care Act from day one! While I like Johnny, i am not inclined to believe he would be an upgrade of FFYR leadership

  6. Paul Phillips Says:

    Kind of a low blow pulling up some nol pros case from when the guy was 19 because of some old feud. And as far as Morgan and Morgan, I know a few good republicans over there and would not shun them because of their firm’s name or kooky commercials. I definitely would not shun M&M if they are sponsoring a R website, but I guess you have to understand web sponsors to get that joke. I am also pretty sure that M&M is a stop on almost every serious candidate’s fundraising tour. The comments here are always funny. And watching the R’s eating our own and making our tents smaller has become so bad that all one can do is just sit back and watch with a Twainish kind of humor and laugh.

  7. Paul Phillips Says:

    And kudos to Gaitens and Kapper for having the man-dangles to put their real names up when posting.

  8. Adam D. Smith Says:

    Whether people are supporting Torres or not, it is completely absurd to classify him as a “wannabe” and “poser” from a political perspective. He and the Board over the last year plus have completely resurrected this club from the ashes it was left in ( single digit members) to boasting over 70 paid members, garnering national media coverage in trying to implore Magpul to relocate its manufacturing facilities to Tampa and holding a very successful Shootout Charity event; the only one of its kind in State YR history. Surely Chris you are definitely entitled to your opinion and I enjoy your articles but I think your characterizing of Torres as a wannabe is certainly not warranted.

  9. Joe Wicker Says:

    I don’t know Peret Pass personally but as a member of the TBYR, I am somewhat familiar with the TBYR club’s past leadership, activities and overall effectiveness since 2009. If we want to know how someone might perform in a position of leadership its fair to evaluate their past performance and character. Like most clubs, volunteers and people with a heart to serve others are invaluable to carrying on its mission and to keep clubs focused on their mission. People seek for and get different things out of clubs like the TBYR. Some are looking to put their passion for politics to use, to meet other like minded people or perhaps to get exposure to the political process as they consider running for office themselves. Either way, the value and effectiveness these clubs bring are heavily determined by the character, service and committment of its leaders. Leaders are ultimately responsible for everything their organization does or fails to do. Being able to provide purpose, direction and motivation to an all volunteer organization is never easy as many of us know. But I have seen the TBYR club increase in membership, activism, fundraising and overall professionalism under Jonathan’s term so far. Is it detrimental to a state organization to have a disproportionate amount of its board members come from a particular region? Perhaps not. Is it a good idea to have more balanced representation in a state as large as Florida? Sure it is. Given that many volunteer organizations have to coerce someone to be the leader, it’s nice to see we have a couple of folks willing to answer the call. The real question is why are Republicans calling other Republicans out of their name in childish ways like this article referring to candidate Jonathan Torres as “Little Jonny” or “Jon boy”. We need the campaign coverage but I’m sure we can do better than this.

  10. Tom Says:

    Torres is a slimy loser for sure. He also has a Napoleon complex. I have seen his true colors and will not vote for him.

  11. Tom Says:

    Certainly didn’t show leadership when he backed out of a race he knew he couldn’t win. Peret was going to wipe the floor with this wierdo.

    Too bad we elected him vice chair. Now we have to deal with the shady character even more. The FFYR deserve an answer as to why he wasnt a registered Republican before 2010, his arrest record, and his stange pictures with Cartoon characters usually reserved for kids.

  12. Scoop Says:

    I sit in Brevard County reading this as I pick up the newspaper and see headlines that read abour former Republican Representaive Needleman being arrested for fraud. One from the Jim Greer days yet another black mark on the GOP. We have got to clean up our house. We had leaders with GOP charged as being a slumlord, driving under the influence, leaders who send racist jokes, and a party that is in disarray as it trys to find its ways along solid right lines that will not win a national election. Now we get this young Torres (oh, are we not excited GOP members to have a Hispanic name attached to our statewide Florida Young Republicans) who has a criminal pass and did not join the party until two years after joining the local YRs.
    Integrity and honesty is not a strong suit of the Florida and Hillsbought County GOP. Good article Chris keep them coming.

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