Rick Scott’s two Charlies

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If Charles Manson showed up at your door and offered you a free box of Girl Scout cookies, would it make you forget about his evil ways?

If you were a public school teacher who hasn’t had a pay raise in years, and Gov. Rick Scott offered you a $2,500 pay raise (merit pay be damned), would it make you forget that he cut  more than a billion dollars in the state’s education budget his first year in office and indirectly cut your take-home pay by 3 percent?

If you were a member of the Florida Legislature who sees himself as a team-playing, collaborative kind of guy who likes to plan spending and budgets, and things like pay raises for teachers, would it bother you that you learned of the governor’s $2,500 pay-raise-for-teachers plan by reading about it in the paper?

If you were a police officer or firefighter and learned that if you were to become permanently disabled on the job, you wouldn’t receive a dime in pension disability payments under proposed changes to the GOP’s pension reform plan, would you respond to a burglary  or fire at Scott’s mansion in Naples?

If you were a dog and Scott adopted you, would you lick and love on your new master, or would you try to run back to the pound?

If you were Scott’s pollster, would you keep showing up with bad news about how the governor’s poll numbers are lower than a ship that sank, or would you come up with new ideas to test?

For students of politics, it will be easy to tell very soon just how busy Gov. Scott’s pollster has been. After all, he has a nice, cushy job, but in order to keep it, he needs to keep the boss happy. In other words, he needs to get Scott’s poll numbers up — and fast.

Enter the other Charlie. (Click here to read the full column in The Tampa Tribune).


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One Response to “Rick Scott’s two Charlies”

  1. James Says:

    Chris, you nailed this one right on point. This is the biggest problem that I see today with the political parties: Their fixation on poll numbers. I’ve been a Republican all my life, but I wanted to pull my hair out during the last few election cycles as I listened to them talk about poll numbers more than issues. The sad thing is that party members at the local and semi-regional levels actually seem to understand this, but party leadership, and their nominees do not. I’m too busy these days to keep up with a lot of what Rick Scott is up to. I know that I liked him initially and when I met him during the last few days of his campaign, but I know that I’m going to start voting for off-party candidates, or just stop voting altogether, if the party won’t start running candidates based on issues and a real platform, instead of just going wherever the polling winds blow today. Keep up the good work!

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