Giving thanks for girls and softball

By Chris Ingram

The Tampa Tribune

Published Thursday, November 22, 2012

Last weekend my three girls played their last Pony League softball game at Skyway Park. At the start of the game, I had mentioned to my wife that I was somewhat glad the season is over as we would now have our Saturdays back.

Then the game started.

In the second inning, my eldest daughter, Casey, who is 8 and was playing second base, had an unassisted double-play. She caught a pop-up and then ran to third where she got the runner on third base out for failing to return to base following the fly out.

After Casey caught the pop-fly, her first instinct was to celebrate her catch, but her coach shouted for her to get the third base runner out. Even though she got the runner out, I’m not convinced she knew what she had done, or why, or how rare an unassisted double is; but the cheers from the stands told her it was something to be proud of.

Later in the game, one of our twins, Mia (who turned 6 on Wednesday), got a hit that turned into a triple. The hit wasn’t really much of anything in terms of power or distance, but it was effective nonetheless as it was being fielded by other 5 to 8 year olds who are learning what to do when a ball comes their way. Mia hasn’t hit well all season, so to have a lead-off triple was a big deal, and she was all smiles.

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